Nick Soto, MS, CSCS, CES

Nick is a co-founder of Elite U, and Head Strength and Conditioning Director. His athletic background includes collegiate level football and martial arts. He holds a Master’s of Science in Human Movement with a concentration in Sports Performance. In addition he is a Corrective Exercise Specialist through NASM and a CrossFit Level 1 Coach. With a strong belief in scientifically researched training principles; Nick continues to push fitness and athletic ingenuity through creativity and relentless pursuit of knowledge within his field. His keen eye for movement dysfunctions makes him one of the very best corrective exercise specialists around. Numerous physical therapists and orthopedic doctors often refer to Nick for recommendations and advice with patients in need of alternative care possibilities due to his vast knowledge in movement mechanics and functional movement patterns. He is an athlete’s kind of coach who always wants the best for his pupils, and treats them all as younger siblings. “Power, as a function of strength and speed, is the single most important factor in athletic performance.”
Nick Soto, MS, CSCS, CES is currently not instructing any classes.

Vanessa Suarez

Vanessa is a very well-known and creative private trainer who deals with a variety of clients; but specializes in female body transformations and celebrity training. She has quickly developed a reputation as a training coach that gets immediate results out of her clients with effective, specialized, and inventive workout programs. Because of her increasing exposure such reputable fitness companies as Nutrex have sought her out as a sponsored athlete. She is the originator of KNOCKOUTS, a fun, all female, training class utilizing boxing movements, booty work, and core training. She is a great motivator, and is involved in programming and teaching other Elite U classes, such as X-TRAIN and the CAMP.
Vanessa Suarez is currently not instructing any classes.

Zach Kuipers

Zach is currently one of the highest ranking powerlifters of all time for his weight class. He has been consistently lifting weights since he was 15. Over the years, Zach has competed in wrestling, powerlifting, cheerleading, bodybuilding, MMA, Strong Man, and CrossFit. He studied Exercise Science at the University of Kansas, and is alos Westside Certified. Even though Zach currently focuses his personal goals on strength these days, he is a firm believer in finding varying ways of testing the human body through as many disciplines as possible. To Zach, the body truly is a temple. It is our duty to cultivate it and to challenge its capacities. His ultimate goal is to help others reach their ultimate fitness goals.
"No man has the right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training. It is a shame for a man to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable." - Socrates
Zach Kuipers instructs the following:

John Leon, CPT

John Leon is a Certified Personal Trainer through NASM and is also certified as a CrossFit Weightlifting Coach. John began his journey in Elite U as a client. “I still remember my first week at Elite. I have never gotten my butt kicked as hard as I did those first five days. It was GREAT! I was hooked for life from that point on.” John’s relentless intensity, strong leadership skills, and thirst for knowledge lead him towards officially becoming part of the coaching team at Elite U. He has trained many of the X-TRAIN classes.  John’s sports background includes basketball, where he truly excelled, and football which is his deep passion. His approach to training is the same as his approach to sports, 100% full throttle the entire time.John Leon, CPT is currently not instructing any classes.

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