Sports Academy

Elite U Sports Performance Programs optimize training results by selecting the most appropriate workouts based on each athlete’s specialized skills and needs. A major priority of our sports training regimen is based on eliminating movement dysfunction to improve speed and power production and reduce the likelihood of injury. We have done considerable research on what it is that an athlete needs from a performance perspective, and applied these attributes through sport and position specific integration of speed, strength, power, agility, and metabolic training. As mentioned the data has been rigorously researched to find the optimal training formula for the very best results. Our coaches are all former athletes, with a keen interest in your success. They have studied and certified themselves to best work with athletes of all levels.





Pro & College

Specifically Applied Training Program designed for each individual’s needs based not only on sport, but position specific needs. Integration of training, nutrition, corrective movement patterns, and based on our specialized testing battery.

Team Training

Full Performance Training Programs specially designed for your team’s needs. We can design a customized training routine for teams at all levels; from professional to club teams.

Specialized Skills Camps

Camps designed to build athlete’s position specific skill set and performance capabilities. Examples include: Linebacker Camp, Wide Receiver Camp, Batting Camp, and Volleyball Vertical Max Camp to name a few. These Camps run in differing lengths, from a single day to multiple weeks.

Youth Ages (8-11)

Youth Intro To Sports Performance                 (High School Prep)

Speed, Agility, and Coordination Training safe and appropriate for all ages.

Youth Ages (12-14)

Youth Fundamentals In Sports Performance/ High School Readiness (High School Prep)

More intense Speed, Agility, and Coordination Program with Fundamentals in Strength Training in the Weight Room.

Youth Ages (14-18)

Sports Performance Strength & Conditioning/ College Readiness (College Prep)

Advanced Training Program that focuses on all levels of Performance, with emphasis on Advanced Weight Training and Power Production.

Speed Factory

One of the most useful camps for any athlete. This camp is designed for one purpose only, to get out the most speed your body can produce while integrating that speed to sport position needs such as acceleration, lateral movement, and change of direction.

NFL Combine

10 Week Combine Training Program with the most individual attention around. We keep groups smaller than any other Sports Training Complex to Maximize your results. Program is designed to have you peaking in the most important Combine events at the right time, based on what events are the most important for each position. We also identify what events we can get you to shine, and which ones we can improve to surprise scouts. Do not go to a place where you will be a dime a dozen; go to the place that will put your needs above all else.

Elite U Sports Academy

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