Specialty Camps

Sport Skills Camps

Short duration Camps designed to build athlete’s position specific skill set and performance capabilities. Examples include: Linebacker Camp, Quarter Back and Wider Receiver Camp, Tennis Agility Camp, Soccer Conditioning Camp, and Volleyball Jump Camp, to name a few. These skill camps are designed to teach fundamental and advanced skill sets for specific sports positions at various levels of experience. We combine the expertise of our Strength and Conditioning staff with the experience and knowledge of current and professional players at the respective sport and positions. These camps vary in time and scope; some last a weekend, and others an entire summer. We regularly schedule these camps and update them on our site so you have ample time to schedule them and make appropriate arrangements in travel and stay. Because of the time and nature of these camps, we are very selective of who is invited; but everyone is encouraged to apply. These camps include instruction from some of the very best minds in their respective sports with a wealth of information and practical application. This is one of our most recommended programs.

Some of the programs coming up in the next year include:


Linebacker Camp

Running Back Camp

Receiver Camp


Batting Strength Camp

Core and Throwing Power Camp


Goalkeeper Camp

Functional Movement Correction Camp

Soccer Conditioning Camp


Functional Movement Correction Camp

Jump Power Camp


Speed Factory

One of the most useful camps for any athlete. This camp is designed for one purpose only, to get out the most speed your body can produce while integrating that speed to sport position needs such as acceleration, lateral movement, and change of direction. We offer this camp a few times a year at various lengths. Some last over a month; while others only for the weekend. These camps are specific to speed improvement. We will teach and cue technique and biomechanical efficiency to get the most power production out of your running skills. We will work on top end speed, acceleration, sprinting power, change of direction speed, lateral speed, and vertical leaping abilities. This program is taught in unison with some of the great minds in the track and field community and our Elite U Performance Training team. This is an essential component for any athlete. Despite what you have been told, you can train and learn to run fast; it is a matter of training in the right program to maximize what your body can produce and how your body can apply forces best. Each session is recorded for evaluation to maximize coaching points, and make proper corrections.

These are some of the Pro Athletes that have come through Elite U Sports Academy and their Coaches:

  • MLB Manny Machado (Baltimore Oreols)

  • MLB Yonder Alonso  (Oakland A's)

  • NFL Stephen Tulloch  (Detroit Lions)

  • NFL Antrel Rolle (New York Giants)

  • NFL Nolan Carroll (Dallas Cowboys)

  • NFL Dominique Easley (LA Rams)

  • NFL Randy Phillips (Detroit Lions)

  • NFL Darryl Sharpton (Chicago Bears)

  • NFL Colin McCarthy (Tennessee Titans)

  • NFL Travis Benjamin (Cleveland Browns)

  • NFL Michael Jordan (LA Rams)

  • NFL Akiem Hicks (Chicago Bears)

  • NFL Mike James (Detroit Lions)

  • NFL Kennard Cox (Seattle Seahawks)

  • NFL Rashawn Scott (Miami Dolphins)

  • NFL Lafayette Pitts (Miami Dolphins)

  • NFL John Brown (Arizona Cardinals)

  • Boxing Luis "King Kong" Oritz (WBA Heavyweight Champion)

  • Boxing Joan Guzman (3 Time World Champion)

  • Boxing Juan Carlos Payano (WBA Champion)

  • Boxing Claudio "Matrix" Marrero

  • Racing Milka Dunno (INDY & NASCAR)

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