By staying true to "Old School", successful methodology, all the while continuing to research, and create new and innovative training regimens that enhance the overall workout experience, we have designed a program that improves all ends of fitness and athleticism.

X TRAIN is our fundamental and essential training program designed to transform your body to the most optimal level of absolute fitness. With X-TRAIN, we have integrated strength, endurance, fitness, and athleticism into a fully dynamic and rewarding workout. You will be challenged with weight training, agility drills, high intensity cardio, plyometrics, and an array of other unconventional and dynamic fitness movements.

Whether your goal is to look leaner, or build muscle, or get rid of the belly fat, X-TRAIN will certainly provide that, BUT it is about so much more than that.

It is about functional strength and functional power. It is about moving, running, and jumping around better than you ever did. It is about being in athletic shape to continue to compete in sports. It is about not only keeping up with your kids, but running circles around them. It is about discovering the best possible you.

Your body will go through an adaptive reaction it has never experienced before. We will throw you into the fires of change and forge a new and better you. Become stronger, leaner, faster, and more functionally capable than you ever dreamed. Step in and accept the challenge. We have the recipe; all you need is the WILL.

Our coaches are innovative, passionate, detail oriented, and experts in their field. They care about what you bring to the table each day; and they will get the very best out of you every time you step through our doors.

X-TRAIN runs Monday through Friday at different times throughout the day. As each and every workout builds on the days before, and all are so varied in nature; we highly recommend you come as often as possible and miss as very few days. Nevertheless, we have different packages to meet any life style, time constraints, and budget. Even if you can only come in a couple times a week, you will experience and see significant results.

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