About us

About Us

Elite U is a high octane, fitness and sports training facility. We are looking for athletes truly passionate in their pursuit of greatness. Elite U has taken the blueprint designed to prepare Premiere Athletes for competition, and adapted it for anyone serious about achieving superior fitness. We are a Beacon for those willing to Accept the Challenge, Embrace the Pain, and Brave their Fear. Dive into our Fires. Forge a Potent Mind, Stronger Body, and Relentless Spirit.

Sports Academy

Elite U Sports Performance Programs optimize training results through a comprehensive mixture of cutting edge research analysis and old school, hard core methodology. We have painstakingly explored the various components of what it is that an athlete truly needs from a performance perspective, and have done away with all the unnecessary fluff.  Priority is placed on eliminating movement dysfunctions to improve speed and power production while reducing the likelihood of injury. Areas of focus begin with proper coordination and balance, then move into specifics of speed, power, strength, reactive agility and metabolic conditioning. As mentioned the data has been rigorously researched to find the optimal training formula for the very best results. Our coaches are all former athletes, with a keen interest in your success. They have studied and certified themselves to best work with athletes of all levels.

Elite U Sports Academy

3075 SW 28 street,

Coconut Grove, FL 33133

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Email. info@eliteufit.com