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Welcome True Believers. This Blog Post has been created as way to better communicate the ideas and rational behind Elite U programs, current research being studied by our staff, and how we are applying all this information to your fitness and training needs. Unlike many other forms of fitness and sports performance training; we spend a considerable amount of time going through detailed programming to best get you the results you are looking for. But, we take this even one step further by researching and applying our vast knowledge and miles long database into your training programs. Elite U has an uncanny ability to design and implement training programs that work. We have a keen eye for whats working and what is not; and have the resources and understanding to adjust on the fly. Read through this invaluable information and use what you like, discard what you don't. Remember, we are not only here to make you a better, more fit athlete and individual; we are here to provide you the tools to be able to teach and train yourself. This Blog Post will go a long way with providing you with many of those mental tools. Furthermore, you will finally have a place to find out about fads and gimmicks that pop up more and more in the fitness community, and be able to get first class, unbiased information on whether something works or has potential to work or not. You can trust the information on this page to always be factual and have as much scientific backing as exists. Thank you for reading and enjoy.


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