maximize strength power and lean muscle gains



Our Gladiator Program is about horsepower and muscle. It is the most unique and intense muscle gaining fitness program in Miami. We have designed this training program to maximize lean muscle gains, all the while burning an insane amount of calories through high volume and high intensity weight lifting and strength training. We have formulated a training method that gives you the body you are looking for without any sacrifice towards improved performance. At the end of the day, You want to build muscles you can use, muscle that can create power, and move around with. If you care about your strength and power production, and you care about looking great in a bathing suit, this is the fitness program for you. The small group format give it a very personal training feel, with ample individual attention. Miami is always summer body ready, and with this program you will be too. But that's not all! you will be stronger and more functional than ever. Many athletes have used this program to increase their own performance strength and power. In order to achieve this we focus on the right combination of full body, compound movements that require, not only strength and power, but coordination and mobility as well; along with specified isolated exercises to accentuate your strength gains where needed, and develop the body you have always wanted.

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