NFL Combine Training

Our Football Combine Prep has become one of the best available. This 4-10 Week Combine Training Program provides the most individual attention around. Do not go to a place where you will be a dime a dozen; go to the place that will put your needs above all else. From the moment Elite U opened its doors, our number one goal was to create the greatest Combine Training Facility in the game. There are so many to choose from these days that it is difficult to stand out. Why would a football player pick us over so many well-known and respected names? There are really two main reasons. First, we keep the smallest groups of athletes and will continue to do so for our entire existence. The kind of attention that is required and particular care that is needed to absolutely maximize each and every millisecond you are working for at the NFL Combine cannot be done in large groups. We pay attention to each and every detail of each and every rep because we can. Second, we are here to work. Elite U is not about glamour or limelight, it is about sweat and suffering and dedication. We are here to work. You will not find a more complete program out there that will cater to each and every single one of your needs. We record every workout, every lift, every run, every step, and every movement. We identify dysfunctions when present and make you as efficient as you are capable of being.

But how good are we really? Last year the Chamber Fitness entrusted Elite U to structure, run, and direct their entire Combine/Pro Day Program; and the results were astronomical. We had guys drop their forty times down from 4.59 to 4.35 official, many increased their 225 bench press by 12 or more reps, and a few of our athletes improved their broad jumps by over an entire foot. The Combine is the ultimate test in athleticism and we are the masters of athletics. You will run your fastest forty possible, you will breeze through the drills with effortless fluidity, and you will stand out amongst your peers. We take 10 weeks of our lives to ensure this is a fact. Stop being part of the pack, stand apart and stand out. Our workouts are out of the box and revolutionary for a reason; they work. Come get what is coming to you. Come earn your spot in the Draft.

We have combined our one of a kind Combine Training Program and fully integrated it with the most cutting edge and knowledgeable Medical/Physical Therapy team in the game, Athletix Rehab. Athletix has trained some of the most prominent Football Athletes in the world, and has helped the training efforts of some of the most prolific Combine and Pro Day performers ever seen. They are involved in every step of the process to ensure your body is always working at optimal levels, and properly recovering from each grueling training session. This is a service no one else can offer with this level of attention, expertise, and professionalism. 

The following are a couple of examples of just how important it is to have the right medical staff at your side during the Combine process:

- Tevin Coleman came to the team that runs Athletix in a walking boot after a toe surgery before the 2015 NFL Combine, they were able to get him back to running at 100% in time for his Pro Day (couldn’t run at Combine) where he ran a 4.39, and was drafted in the  3rd round.

- Breshad Perriman came to Athletix team unable to run due to a strained hamstring and had missed running workouts at the 2015 NFL Combine. The team got him back to 100% in a few weeks. He then ran a 4.24 at his Pro Day.

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