Sports Performance

Elite U Sports Performance Programs optimize training results by selecting the most appropriate workouts based on each athlete’s specialized skills and needs. A major priority of our sports training regimen is based on eliminating movement dysfunction to improve speed and power production and reduce the likelihood of injury. We have done considerable research on what it is that an athlete needs from a performance perspective, and applied these attributes through sport and position specific integration of speed, strength, power, agility, and metabolic training. As mentioned the data has been rigorously researched to find the optimal training formula for the very best results. Through our unique training approach to biomechanical improvements that maximize power production and efficiency, and greater force development, we are able to truly get the most out of each and every athlete. Our coaches are all former athletes, with degrees in Exercise Science, and with a keen interest in your success. They have studied and certified themselves to properly work with athletes of all levels.

Elite U Sports Academy

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