Team Training Solutions

These are complete Performance Training Programs specially designed for your team’s needs. We can design a customized training routine for teams at all levels; from professional to club teams. Elite U Sports Academy brings Sports Teams the very best Sports Performance Training Program around. It is a collaboration of some of the greatest minds in the Strength and Conditioning industry along with some of the most experienced Professional Athletes working together to design specified Workout Routines that will have teams of all sports Excelling over the competition. This Performance Program ensures athletes are more conditioned and less likely to get injured during the season, all the while maximizing their strength, power, speed, and quickness. This is also a great way to continue to keep teams together throughout off-seasons to build upon their camaraderie. Elite U Sports Academy can customize, organize, and deliver workout programs for any team at any level. We can create these programs for the pre-season, in-season, and post-season. These programs are administered by our Elite Strength and Conditioning coaches with a max ratio of 10 players per coach. We can also provide your sports teams with the fully designed workout programs where your coaches can administer the workouts themselves. With this option we do provide a special Strength and Conditioning Clinic option for your coaches so they learn proper training protocols, how to teach proper technique, and how to spot improper movements to ensure the athletes’ safety. These programs also have the flexibility of being performed at our Elite U Facility or at your own facility and weight room. This is an option we feel every coach should consider to give their teams the cutting edge advantage over the competition.

Team Training Solutions BULLETS
  • Complete and Reliable Performance Testing Battery which is Sport Specific and Team Specific

  • Design and Implement the Specific Training Programs your team will need based on testing results; we individualize training based on strengths and weaknesses established during testing battery

  • We have the capability to train your teams at our facility or remotely at your location, based on your preferences and capabilities

  • Some of the very Best and Most experienced Strength and Conditioning Coaches conduct each workout; our coaches are all Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists with proper degrees in out field. Further, they are trained by our staff to ensure they instruct and coach the ELITE U way

  • We recommend our Coach for Performance and Training Clinic, which teaches your coaches how to properly instruct strength training and performance techniques to maximize results and ensure player safety. We can provide this service to a particular coach or to the entire staff that will be in the weight room with your students

  • Flexible Program Design and Availability allows us to train your team on the days and hours you want and need; we can design programs for two, three, four, and even six days a week

Why your Team Needs our Performance Testing and Training Programs
  • The testing we provide is sport specific . It is designed to find how your athletes’ Strength and Weaknesses directly apply to Success on the field or court.

  • We provide a full analysis on each of your athletes. To identify what training program will be best for them. These analytics are cutting edge, and being used by top Sports Programs at the Collegiate and Pro levels.

  • Coaches can get back to what they know, and that is teaching and game planning for their sport

  • There is no Fluff or Gimmicks to our approach. We use scientifically researched methods that are proven to improve each athlete’s athletic propensity.

  • We work at your convenience and based on your budget. Training can be administered at our fully outfitted facility, complete with AstroTurf field, or at your facility. You also dictate the dates and times. There is a Budget for any and every program.

  • We provide Fund Raising Options, so not a penny has to come from your team’s budget, or even the kids themselves.

  • We can provide certain amount of scholarships based on financial need and grade point average. We absolutely believe that education comes first, and reward those students who understand that importance.

  • We guarantee your athletes will get the results if they put in the effort, and but into our system.

  • You have our full support throughout the entire year; whether or not your use us year round, or for a couple months at a time. We are here to help you make better athletes and better young adults.

Program Specifics and Prices
  • Team Testing $40 per player for more than 20 Players. $45 for less than 20 Players (Includes full Analytics) Appointment Only

  • 3 Month Team Training Program complete with Individual Program Cards for each Athlete, and based on Test Results and Position played (Free Team Testing included) $1,500

  • 3 Month Full Training Package. This is our Platinum Program and includes free Team Testing every 3 months, Strength Program, Speed and Performance Program, and each workout is conducted by our staff of Strength and Conditioning Experts $2,880 per month for up to 20 athletes, and Minimum of 2 Elite U Coaches $4,500 per month for more than Entire Team, and Minimum of 3 ELite U Coaches.

  • When we conduct your Strength, Speed, and Performance Training you are guaranteed no more than 10 Athletes per Coach, All Coaches are Certified Strength and Conditioning Experts, Training will be individualized based on needs and capabilities, and Results are Guaranteed.

  • We offer Scholarship Options to athletes on your team, and provide Fund Raising Opportunities for your team as well to help save costs.

  • Coach for Performance and Training Clinic $300 Weekend Course. Group rates available.

  • Individual Testing $125 per Athlete

  • Individual 3 Month Training Program with Training Cards and Free Performance Testing $500

  • Individual Performance Training $1,200-$1,500 per month

  • Intro to Performance Group Sessions. (8-11 Years Old) 2 Sessions per Week. $200/ Month

  • Fundamentals in Performance. (12-14 Years Old) Three per Week. $360/ Month

  • Sport Performance/College Readiness. (15-18) Three per Week. $360/Month

  • Saturday Speed, Performance, and Conditioning Camp. $20/Athlete. Group rates also available at $15/Athlete for Groups larger than 10

  • Summer Training Camp. $185/Week

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