Youth Sports Performance

Elite U Sports Academy  brings Youth Athletes the very best Sports Performance Training Program around. It is a collaboration of some of the greatest minds in the Strength and Conditioning industry along with some of the most experienced Professional Athletes working together to design specified Workout Regimens that will have Athletes of all ages Excelling in their sport, and ensuring they get are prepared to shine the next level.

Youth Performance Development (Appropriate for all ages)

Speed, Agility, and Coordination Training safe and appropriate for all ages

The combination of speed, agility, and coordination are the backbone of athleticism. These three fundamental components are a key ingredient in athletic success. Integrating these skills into a training regimen for younger athletes has been proven to be safe and effective. Gaining speed, agility, and the coordination to put that into practice gives younger athletes a distinct advantage over their competition. Our integrated approach of applying proper movement mechanics within the workouts will eliminate dysfunctions that greatly reduce the likelihood of injury throughout these athletes playing careers. Teaching proper biomechanical movement at an early age makes these movements highly adaptable and easier to learn. It will become second nature for these young athletes to move with optimal mechanics, making them better athletes all the while. We have diligently researched appropriate training protocols that are the safest and most effective for this age group. Sessions run twice weekly; and the programs run for three months at a time. They are appropriate for pre, in, and post season use.

Advanced Fundamentals In Sports Performance/ High School Readiness (High School Prep)

More intense Speed, Agility, and Coordination Program with Fundamentals in Strength Training in the Weight Room

This program has been designed using highly researched data on the most appropriate training regimens and exercises for this age group. This age group experiences a physical maturity increase that is remarkable. As such, it puts them in a great position to transform their bodies towards optimal fitness and athletic levels. When trained correctly the pre-teen/early-teen can make uncanny improvements in speed, agility, and strength. In the Fundamentals Performance Program, athletes spend a considerable amount of time working proper movement mechanics on the field. They learn to move at mechanically optimal patterns, and how to best generate force. Much time is also spent in the weight room, where the athletes are attentively instructed on proper lifting technique and prepared for the more advanced lifting exercises they will encounter at the high school and college level by our top lifting coaches; thus giving them a great advantage over other athletes at the next level. This program guarantees to promote the greatest sports success, while ensuring safety and greatly reducing the likelihood of injuries. Sessions run three times per week, with workouts combining field speed and agilities along with weight room instruction. The plan is broken into a 3 month program with progressive overload to ensure physical improvements.

Sports Performance Strength & Conditioning/ College Readiness (College Prep)

Advanced Training Program that focuses on all levels of Performance, with emphasis on Advanced Weight Training and Power Production

The College Readiness Program is an advanced, fully integrated, strength, speed, and power program. It is specifically designed to get high school athletes ready to compete at the collegiate level. Research shows that this age group is completely ready to engage in full weight lifting and performance training programs. For this reason we hold nothing back in turning these young athletes into athletic freaks through our rigorous program. All athletes are measured at various times throughout the program with our standardized athletic performance scoring battery. This testing protocol has been shown to be a solid predictor of athletic success at the high school, collegiate, and pro levels. Again, we invest a great deal of time and concentration on eliminating movement dysfunctions so athletes can create power more efficiently and be more preventative of injury on and off the field. Our coaches are experts in corrective movement and biomechanics, to ensure proper movements are achieved. Athletes learn to turn strength into power through our integrated programming that combines the essentials in speed and agility training with hard core weight room workouts. This program will absolutely give any high school athlete the most preparation possible for collegiate level play.

These are some of the Professional Athletes that have trusted Elite U Sports Academy and their partner coaches to take their performance to the highest level.

  • NFL Rashawn Scott (Miami Dophins)

  • NFL Dominique Easley (LA Rams)

  • NFL John Brown (Arizona Cardinals)

  • NFL Antrel Rolle (New York Giants)

  • NFL Nolan Carroll (Philadelphia Eagles)

  • NFL Darryl Sharpton (Chicago Bears)

  • NFL Colin McCarthy (Tennessee Titans)

  • NFL Travis Benjamin (San Diego Chargers)

  • NFL Mike James (Tampa Bay Bucs)

  • NFL Lafayette Pitts (Miami Dolphins)

  • MLB Yonder Alonso (Cleveland Indians)

  • MLB Manny Machado (LA Dodgers)

  • NFL Michael Jordan (LA Rams)

  • Boxing Joan Guzman (3 Time World Champion)

  • Boxing Juan Carlos Payano (WBA Champion)

  • NFL David Njoku (Cleveland Browns)

  • NFL Alvin Kamara (New Orleans Saints)

  • NFL Akiem Hicks (Chicago Bears)

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